Vitamin D deficiency soars high…becoming an epidemic!

Vitamin D deficiency soars high…becoming an epidemic!

Why do we need Vitamin D?
Vitamin D helps in the absorption of Calcium. It also plays a major role in muscle, immune system and muscles.

One can get Vitamin D through skin, diet and supplements. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D. Too much exposure to sunlight can lead to skin problems and cancer.


What causes Vitamin D deficiency?
• Mal-absorption or not getting enough from the diet is the primary cause. Other causes are due to the urban setup and lifestyle changes, staying indoors and air-conditioning also play a contributory factor for vitamin D deficiency.

• Also, other factors like obesity, people who are obese are less active and need more vitamin D as compared to people with a normal BMI.

• High consumption of soft drinks and fructose leads to vitamin D deficiency.

• Consuming farm fed chicken; eggs and mutton have far-less vitamin D content than wild game, which stays mainly outdoors.

• As more people are getting conscious and have cut down on fatty foods like full-fat milk or consuming leaner part of the chicken which also leads to a deficiency of vitamin D.

• Increase in consumption of PUFA rich oils/fats which decreases bio-availability of vitamin D.

• Increased consumption of processed foods and high salt intake also hampers other co-factors like calcium and magnesium. As magnesium is required to utilize vitamin D.

• Lactose intolerance or vegans too suffer from vitamin D deficiency

• Also, studies indicate that people working for long hours and leading a sedentary lifestyle or in night shifts have reduced vitamin D levels by 8%

Natural sources of Vitamin D

• Cheese

• Mushrooms

• Egg yolk

• Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel

• Fortified foods like milk, orange juice, yoghurts, soy milk and breakfast cereals

Vitamin D is also available in the form of supplements, both in the form of tablets, powder or liquid for babies.