Are You Receiving The Right Amount Of Vitamin D

Are You Receiving The Right Amount Of Vitamin D

Are You Receiving The Right Amount Of Vitamin D [1]

There are a couple of reasons why many so many people today experience chronic vitamin D deficiency and the major part is due to the newer lifestyle that people are subjected to. We will try to figure out why we are not receiving the right amount of Vitamin D anymore.

Indoor is the new outdoors

With all the conveniences of the modern world, we are now spending more time living indoors. We are even working home to earn a living. This current generation spends a lot of time indoors and this fact gets credibility from the EPA funded study that discovered that we are spending 90% of our time indoors. All that time spent indoors has more ill effects on our health than just the lack of Vitamin D.

Skin Pigmentation

People who received a higher amount of sunlight lived in the hot areas of the earth and subsequently developed excess melanin (a darker skin pigment) to block burning. However, lighter skinned people produced vitamin D faster along with a sunburn.

For this purpose, people with lighter skin require less exposure to the sun to get their dosage of vitamin D, while those with darker skin need more time with the sun to get the same amount of vitamin. The purpose is to get sufficient sun and not ever burn.


Use of Sunscreen/Lack of Sun

Continuing from the earlier debate, if we do happen to venture outside, we smother ourselves with sunscreen. But do you know, the chemicals in sunscreen have been associated with cancer themselves [2]?!! Are you aware that this is a reason why there is an increase in skin cancer rates? So then, how do we protect ourselves from the sun? The logical answer is to get some exposure from the sun. Later, stay in a shade, wear clothes that cover your skin that is prone to darken or burn and then stay away from the sun.


Low Magnesium/Vitamin K

Thanks to advanced farming methods that occur in poor soil condition, much of our food contains lower levels of magnesium. As a result, several of us are lacking in magnesium as well as vitamin D. Magnesium and Vitamin K help activate Vitamin D in the liver and kidneys. So, you need a considerate amount of magnesium and Vitamin K in your body to help metabolize the Vitamin D.



Unlike most vitamins, this Vitamin D is produced in your body, granted that you are exposed to the sunlight. Applying sunscreen, however, reduces your skin’s ability to make vitamin D by 90 to 99 percent, depending on the level of SPF. You’re most likely to get Vitamin D from sunlight between 11am to 1pm [3]. However, they are too weak to generate enough vitamin D due to too much air pollution that filters out some of the UVB rays, so scarcer amount reaches your skin at any time of the day.


Does Vitamin D Really Matter?

Of course, it does! Numerous people will have to struggle to accept the fact that sun exposure is very important, even as studies display the importance of Vitamin D. Nevertheless, it is up to you to ignore the sun and don’t supplement yourself with the necessary nutrients. However, to lead a healthier life do include that Vitamin D in your lifestyle